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I am redeveloping my website and message. I hope to have this completed by the end of June 2019. I am doing this myself, between seeing/helping clients – I have been a webmaster since 1999. I could delegate, and am a ‘fan’ of delegation, however because the work is so mission critical, I need to do it myself. Some content is not visible and some aspects of my website are not working fully yet.

Some issues I am working on include:

  • A change in my message which better explains how I can help people. This is important for non-obvious reasons such as; if I make a mistake in how I communicate, then people who need my help will miss out: my experience is deep, profound, long-term and potentially life-changing. My clients are the most important part of my business; which is all about them. A key focus is how I can increase my service.
  • A new website theme and design.
  • A new website host – my last one, despite being ‘top tier’, let me down extremely badly.
  • New logo, colours and branding.
  • New domain name.
  • New email newsletter service provider.
  • The way I display images.
  • Fixing errors.
  • Technical aspects on the back end; including WordPress plugins.

Thank you for your patience.

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