How Long Do I Work With Clients?

I work with clients long as they need; each person, or business, varies.

My focus is on clients experiencing results as soon as possible. Because I work on a deep level, using powerful techniques, clients often make rapid progress; so many do not need excessively long periods of help. I do not ‘need’ to ‘hang onto people’ for monetary, or other reasons; which is contrary to my life principles.

Each case however depends on the individual, and because personal development is essentially a lifelong pursuit, it boils down to whenever the client wants to stop.

I use a range of modalities to help clients. As an example; my Subconscious Mind Change Therapy techniques are popular with clients, including mental health professionals, which take around 3 to 4 hours to learn and reach the stage of putting the principles into practice. Clients can then help themselves, and many do. Others return for extra help or to learn about/get help with other aspects.

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