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The Psyche Mentor.

For Profound Empowerment 🌟 | Heart Centred Help For You ❤️ | Mentor 🦉 • Subconscious Mind Coach 🧠 • Shamanist 🧙‍♂️ • Philosopher 💭 | Non-partisan ⚖️ | Ex 🇬🇧 in 🇦🇺

Change Is Easier Than You Think. For People Who Genuinely Want Results. Learn secrets most people don’t know about body, mind and soul.

Get help for: anxiety, panic, trauma, stress, anger, depression, fear, self-sabotage, spirituality, confidence, and customer service.

Where: my premises, at your home, work or event. Also by phone or video chat – in Australia, and overseas. Empathetic active listener – let’s speak.

Discreet, confidential, sensitive, intuitive, insightful, authentic, profound experience, results focus.

Valued clients include: business leaders, sportspeople, mental health professionals, doctors, spiritual folk, scientists, atheists, military/special forces, and even an 8th Dan GM.

Interests include: Philosophy, Psychology, Neuroscience, Spirituality, Nature, Reading, Business, Health, History, Science, Technology, Writing, Anthropology, Shamanism, Poetry, History, Photography, Birds, Cats, Art, Music, Tasmania, Sociology, Fitness.

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